Publish your Frog VLE site in the World Wide Web

Previously, the learning sites is only available to the user registered in the VLE, but now, new feature is added, you may publish your web in WWW where every one who browse the Internet, although do not have any account in the VLE, may view it, too. (Provided, you supply the audience with the link).

I shall test on it later to see how would it take to be available on the search engine.

Click on this link:

EDU3053i Technology in teaching and learning

(Well, this site is still under construction, it’s just a demonstration.)

Unfortunately, only the registered users may contribute by reply to forum, etc. So, you may get a FREE web hosting from MOE.


Bengkel i-THINK 29th August 2015

Untuk pelajar PISMP GSTT Ambilan Jun 2013 (Semester 5) dan PISMP Ambilan Jan 2014 (Semester 4)
Anjuran Jabatan Ilmu Pendidikan
Tarikh: 29 Ogos 2015 (Hari Sabtu)
Masa: 8:00 pagi – 1:00 petang
Tempat: Balai Ilmu
Pelaksanaan Bengkel i-THINK ini merupakan proses pengingkatan atau pengayaan ilmu yang  perlu diterapkan kepada bakal guru permulaan di sekolah. Ia telah ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia sebagai usaha pendedahan kepada Program ini sebelum guru pelatih ditempatkan di sekolah nanti.


This is the link to view the event: Click HERE!


APA Referencing Style

Academic writing differs from creative essay writing where we cited resources that support our argument. We need to do in-text citation and prepare the reference list according to the APA referencing style.

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APA Citation Basic Read More>>

  1. If we cited the first hand (primary source of) information in the text, for example from “Samuel (2006)”, I will expect to see “Samuel. (2006). Title of the book. Place of publication: Name of the publisher.” in your reference list.
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  2. If we cited secondary source of information, such as “Kirkpatric & Peck (2001, as cited in Noriati et al, 2012)”, then it will be proper to see “Noriati et al. (2012). Name of the book. Place of publication: Name of the publisher.” in your reference list instead of “Kirkpatric & Peck. (2001). Title of the book. Place of publication: Name of the publisher.” or not having any related information at all.
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  3. If we use an article from the website, especially from blogs, the date of retrieval should be recorded.
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  4. In case you use figures or tables as illustration in the text, please use caption such as “Figure 1 The five systemic aspiration.” You may need to state the source of information, such as ” Figure #. Description/Note. Adapted from “Title of Article,” by F. M. Author and C. D. Author, year,Title of Journal, volume, p. xx. Copyright year by the Name of Copyright Holder. Adapted [or Reprinted] with permission.”
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  5. Preparing the reference list do have its rules: Arrange the list according to the alphabetical order by the author’s surname. Read More>>

If your in-text citation is not presented in the reference list, the risk is being suspected of PLAGIARISM where there is an unethical act of COPY & PASTE from a resource without acknowledging it.

So, just follow the referencing style for your own good. 

Internet Speed Test

Ever wonder why the internet access seems unacceptably slow?

How do we MEASURE what is the SPEED that helps to provide a pleasant search experience?

Well, just use an Internet speed test apps that may help you to visualize the speed and status of the connection. Here’s a few speed that may reflects the network quality:

  • Ping speed
    – It measures how quickly we received response from the server.
    – Ideal ping speed should be less than 1 millisecond (1 ms), the excellent rate shall be less than 50 ms with 0% packet of data lost, while the acceptable range shall be 150 ms with 1% packet lost (, 2014).
  • Download speed
    – The speed for downloading information (reading web articles or emails, streaming video, music, etc.)  in the form of packets from the Internet Service Provider. It is measured in Mbps (megabits per second).
    – The minimum download speed offered in the market shall be 1-4 Mbps, for a comfortable online viewing of YouTube video, 4-6 Mbps should be a better condition.
    – Online gaming needs at least 4-6 Mbps, and you will expect better gaming experience if the download speed is even higher (Geed Squad, 2015).
  • Upload speed
    – It measures the amount of data that your computer is able to upload to the website, 2 Mbps or more should be a reasonably comfortable upload speed.

You may read more from the following pages:

Geek Squad. (2015). Interpreting speed test result.

Ping Test net. (2014). Measuring network quality.

You may use any Internet speed test apps for this purpose.