EDUP3013 Presentation

Today, the PISMP TESL S1T1 students are having their presentation on the curriculum design models,  I am so glad that every group had tried very hard to study the topics and shown good understanding of the topic.

Good effort, dear!

Let’s keep it up as a good practice for every topic that requires deep learning so as to equip yourself with vast knowledge and become an engaging facilitator!

Here’s Sarmi’s awesome picture:

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To be a bit Exam-Oriented!!

Well, when it comes to exam, sorry that we have to abide to the rules of the game:

  • For the Structural Questions, when the marks allocation is 5%, we expect roughly 5 main points with or without respective explanation, roughly HALF a page in length.
  • For the same categories, when you are entitled 10%, we expect roughly 5 main points with appropriate elaboration with concrete examples. It may take up to at least ONE page in length.
  • For Essay Questions worth 20%, there ought to have AT LEAST 5 main points, in essay form where you supply EVERY Fact in form of STATEMENT or ARGUMENT, accompanied with elaboration and example to support it. It shall be at least TWO and A HALF pages in length.
  • When we talk about “Discuss”, then, there should be Pro’s and Con’s. 2 Pro’s and 3 con’s or vice versa.

I sincerely hope that this information is helpful!

Google Seminar 3i at Brickfields Asia College, Petaling Jaya

On 19th to 20th September, Google Malaysia had organised the Seminar 3i (Ilmu.Integrasi.Inovasi) at Brickfields Asia College, Petaling Jaya. The event is scheduled in such a way that several sessions, workshop in different language are conducted at the same time. You have to choose which one you shall attend (How I wish I can attend all of them!)

I have attended several seminars and workshops and shared my topic on CASPER, the graphic design element that help to enhance the delivery of educational messages.

The venue.


The Masters of Ceremony.

Philip Tancopo, the Google guy based in Singapore Office.

He had briefed us on the certification of Google Certified Teachers. In fact, every participant received a voucher for sponsoring the taking of Google Certified Teachers’ Level One Examination. It is valid until March 2016.

Any way, the registration for this year, See you next year!

Rahayu Ramli, The Google Lady based in Malaysia.







Rahayu  had organized numerous GEG Meetups and she had arranged speakers, scheduling, gifts and so on for this event.

The Malaysian Astronaut cum Iron Man shared his experience in promoting the love for science among the young children.

Dr. Awami, the Malaysian Astronaut shared her passion in teaching.

Adnin had shared with us how to use the mail merge feature in Google sheet.

Glad to know that the Mail Merge feature may be done in Google Sheet with AutoCrad add-on to populate the recipients list with Google Doc serve as the template for printing certificate, name tag, mail, etc.

Mdm Tan Shih Yee shared her experience in Hangout with teachers and students in the UK.






Shih Yee had been appointed as the Specialist teacher by Frog Asia and had attended many international conference due to her contribution to make Frog VLE a success in schools.

En. Mohammad Yassir Hamidun shared the techniques of integrating CAMSCANNER, FLUBAROO and Google Form.




He had demonstrate CAMSCANNER as an android Apps that permits scanning of images to be uploaded to Google Drive later. The images or pdf produed may be used as illustration while preparing online quizzes via Google Form then.

Google Form can be also be used to collect participants’ details.Students may answer  quizzes on line. Their responses will be collected in the spreadsheet. With the Flubaroo add-on, we may identify the marking scheme and let the add-on runs the autograding. It will also generate analysis and provide analysis of the students’ achievement.

Mr. Ng Joo Hui talked about organizing the google calendar.

Attended Mr. Ng Joo Hui’s session.

This is my topic of sharing in Mandarin on the first day, first session.

Elizaberth Lopez, The key person from Frog Asia had informed us about the World Greatest lessons to be held in 28 September 2015.

This is a very fruitful event! I am looking forward to attend more event like this in the future.