Animated learning materials using Scratch

By using Broadcast, we may staggered events and play them in a preset sequence. Here, we may plan the entrance, emphasis and exit of certain sprites according to our design.This learning programme intend to try out the progressive exposure technique to introduce colours. You may click the START button to start and then click on the words to learn about six colours.

Scratch programming is a very user friendly object-oriented programming where we just need to drag and drop scripting blocks into the scripting area using the correct syntax.

This is an example of creating a virtual keyboard using simple algorithm. You may hit the green flag to start the Project, and click the Start button to start playing notes on the keyboard.

Every note is a Sprite, and when it is clicked, it will trigger certain effect, let’s try and see for yourself.

Storytelling using MS PowerPoint

PowerPoint is indeed a very powerful multimedia tool. It is an ideal tool for storytelling. We may employ a wide range of animation effects, trim and bookmark certain segment of the audio and video insertion, using appropriate design to show special effect to create suspend and climax.

We may export the presentation in the form of video (MP4) which may be uploaded to video log such as YouTube. This an example of storytelling which uses a few combination of animation effects for each slide.