Using the Audio sensing feature in Scratch

Attending the three day Junior Hackathon for Scratch is fruitful. Here’s some of the projects done during the workshop. By allowing the Adobe Flash Player accessing your Camera and Microphone, you may detect the level of audio through visual presentation such as the following projects.
These are the challenges that I have tried out.

The sound level is shown through the number of bars:

The meter using an arm as indicator:

Super Mario, here I come!

Attended a three day Junior Hackathon for Scratch at Alpha Academy, Johor Bahru. The first day, i.e. 20 March 2018 focuses on simulating Super Mario using the Scratch Programming.
We are required to follow the module to construct this game. The mentor, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Raja shall attend to us when we were confused over certain concepts and helped us to debug some of our algorithm.

This is the edited version of my Super Mario project: