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EDU3093i Teachers and Current Challenges!
Course outline/Overview


The one who owns the right attitudes such as determination, commitment, perseverance, the willingness to open to new ideas and challenges are invincible and able to conquer all!

May you, too, be the invincible who brings about the educational transformation!

Here is the content that you may access to to help you get the idea on how to go about this course.

This course discusses educational issues and current challenges; early symptoms of emotional disturbances amongst students and teachers; ways to overcome emotional disturbances; innovation and managing educational changes.

Rational of this course:
Students should understand challenges in the teaching profession and be able to handle these challenges wisely.

Course Learning Objectives
Students will be able to :

  1. Understand Teachers and Current Challenges course content.
  2. Internalise General Orders in the teaching profession and use them as a guide when addressing current challenges.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

  1. Elaborate issues and current challenges faced by teachers.
  2. Explain public rules and its relation to the teaching career.
  3. Discuss early symptoms of emotional disturbances among students and steps to overcome them.
  4. Analyse emotional stress of teachers
  5. Prepare an action plan to manage changes in the field of education.

Assessment Methods:

Course work : 50%
Examination : 50%

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Course Outline: CLO & Synopsis | Content | Reference | How-to

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