T3 Emotional stress Among Students

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Children’s Rights: 1 | 2

The effort of protecting children’s rights also clearly spell out the principles and standard to be adhered by the business organizations while performing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CRS  is An organisation is responsible in making the appropriate decisions and so that to reduce or eliminate the negative impacts of its activities on society and the environment. It plays an important role sustainable development, including health and the welfare of children and take into account the expectations of children and their family as stake-holders.

UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and Save the Children had developed the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (the Principles), the first comprehensive set of principles to guide companies on the full range of actions they can take in the workplace, marketplace and community to respect and support children’s rights. The following videos summarizes the principles in the simplest form:

PFPUNICEF. (2012). Children’s right and business principles.

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Child Protection – The Malaysia Scenario.

The Malaysian law system had enacted Child Act 2001 to protect children, here’s the glimpse of some of the content:

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Click HERE Read more on UNICEF’s cartoons for Children’s Rights on Youtube Channel.

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