Why does Education in Singapore work?

The SIngapore students excelled in PISA and TIMSS, overtook USA, China, Japan, Korea, etc. Its universities are also listed in the upper quartile of the World Ranking. What is the secret behind the success? What can we learn from the Singaporean education system?

AFTA. (2012). Why education in Singapore works.

What are the important messages that you can draw from this video?

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

A massive open online course (MOOC) is a model for delivering learning content online to any person who wants to take a course, with no limit on attendance.  Here’s a video give a brief overview of what MOOC is:

Educause. (2013). Massive Open Online Courses.

     ILMU (Instilling Learning for Malaysian Unity) is the website developed by the Volunteering for International Professionals (VIP) Fellows assigned to LTT Global’s together with LTT Global’s own in-house tech team for the people of Malaysia.

ILMU offers access to thousands of digital resources in the form of courses, videos or books as different people have different style of learning. You may click this URL to check what are the MOOC courses available that may be helpful to you:


Are you bound to the traditional teaching methods?

Here’s some innovative attempt to run the teaching and learning process, where experiments were carried out by Prof. Dylan William, an education expert in UK to CHANGE the approach:

(Well, it’s an hour long video recording, do have the patience to watch the whole process)

Questions to be answered after you have watch this episode:

  1. Which school was involved in this experiment?
  2. Which class was involved?
  3. How do Prof. Dylan succeeded in involving all the students instead of only the bright ones?
  4. How do the teacher identify the ones in need?
  5. How do Prof. Dylan help the Maths teacher improved her delivery method?

The classroom experiment (Ep.1). (2012).

For the second episode, here’s the questions to pay attention to:

  1. How can you be sure what could be the response of EVERY individual all at once?
  2. What would you say about the SECRET STUDENT policy?
  3. Now, what if you TAKE the GRADES AWAY, do you agree with this idea?

The classroom experiment (Ep.2). (2012).

École 42 (42 School)

A FREE French private computer programming school with NO CURRICULUM, NO TEACHERS, NOR LEARNING SCHEDULE, NOR BOOKS, NOR GRADE…. except infrastructures that support collaborative on-the-job training for future computer programmers. They work in team,  gather information and resources from the internet in order to produce authentic and workable products!

It had very stringent entrance selection targeted at the 18-30 years old individual who need not possess a degree…

What is the motives that drive the establishment of this kind of academy? How do we as a teacher learn from this lesson?

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