EDUP3013i – Topic 7 – Group Discussion and presentation

Hello, there!

Here’s the topics for group discussion on this coming Sunday. Kindly group yourself in a group of 2-3 person. Each group shall focus on one topic and try to find out as much idea as possible regarding the issues, its impact, and the role of the teacher to resolve it.

The last slide are some guiding questions. Hopefully that you shall find the helpful!


EDUP3013 Presentation

Today, the PISMP TESL S1T1 students are having their presentation on the curriculum design models,  I am so glad that every group had tried very hard to study the topics and shown good understanding of the topic.

Good effort, dear!

Let’s keep it up as a good practice for every topic that requires deep learning so as to equip yourself with vast knowledge and become an engaging facilitator!

Here’s Sarmi’s awesome picture:

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