EDU3063 – Course overview

This is a three credit-unit course. The interaction hours will be:

  • Lecture   –  30 hours
  • Tutorial  –  15 hours

Teaching-learning strategy:

  1. Lecture
  2. Presentation
  3. Discussion

Assessment strategy:

Performance of students in this course is determined  through two (2) forms of assessment, that are course work (50%) and written examination (50%). Examination  questions are  constructed by lecturers teaching the course within the  time frame given. Centralised examination is administered at the end of the semester. Examination questions comprise of   structured and  extended  essays.


This course encompasses  socio-cultural concepts and aspects of various ethnic groups in Malaysia; implications of  different multicultural aspects; culture friendly classroom environment; communication skills; multicultural relationship skills and  issues pertaining to multicultural environment.

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain concepts of culture and ethnic groups in Malaysia.
  2. Explain concept of inequality in educational opportunities.
  3. Analyze various socio-cultural aspects and its implication towards teaching and learning.
  4. Create a culturally friendly teaching-learning environment plan in the classroom.
  5. Discuss steps to  handle  multicultural and multilingual issues in the classroom.

Learning Objectives:

Students will be  able to  :

  1. Understand Culture and Learning  course
  2. Synthesise  various  sociocultural aspects  and  their  implications  on teaching and learning   process.

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