T1 Culture And Ethnic Groups In Malaysia

No one is an island!

A person is the product of the socialization that one receives ever since he is born. Education is one of the socialization institution that intended to internalize individuals with the philosophy, ideology, sentiment and practice in tune with the vision and mission of the nation.

At a macroscopic level, politics, economics, culture may influence the function of the education system where as at the microscopic level, the school practices may make a difference in students’ learning outcomes (Crossman, 2014).

Malaysia consists of multiracial community with diverse culture, faith and different level of exposure acceptance of globalization. It had clearly stated in the National Education Philosophy that education aims at internalize the younger generation with virtues, aspiration and competency to look after the well being of oneself, the community, as well as to build a progressive and harmonious nation.

With a good understanding of the cultural impact on the teaching and learning process, we may be able to prepare a conducive learning environment that may help children from all walks of life to attain self actualization without discrimination.

The first chapter focus on the understanding of basic concept of race, ethnicity, etc. and be aware of the existence of diverse cultural practice in our society. Let’s study the major race and ethnic groups in Malaysia and see the similarities and differences among them.


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