Overview of the Malaysian culture and ethnic groups

What is culture?

The Longman Dictionary of contemporary English ( had defined culture as “the beliefs, way of life, art, and customs that are shared and accepted by people in a particular society”. You may click on the following link to view other different definition for it:

  • University of Minnesota. The Center for Advanced Research and Language Acquisition. (2014). What is culture? 


The Malaysian community is consisted of many different ethnic groups that practice different culture. You may read the module for Topic 1 for an overall picture and find out the central message.

Hereby provide the hyperlinks to online articles for further reading about the culture of different ethnic groups:

Well, I might touch more on the Chinese culture for this is something that I am more familiar with, may be you can share more on the other culture with me?

Any way, there is an important point to be taken into consideration: Culture is neither distinct nor static nor self-contained. It may be influenced and changed through war, imperialism, trade, migration, etc. (Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2010). Just ask the elderly how they practice their culture, values and norms then you will realize that, there are prominent changes in these practice as time goes by.

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