Research Articles on Ethnicity

Group activity:

Let’s team up to form six groups. Each group shall study one of the following article and then present them in the tutorial session.

When we study an article, we pay attention to the following:

  • Who was (were) the researcher(s)?
  • When was the survey being conducted?
  • What were the hypothesis to be tested?
  • Who were the samples, how were they selected?
  • What was (were) the instrument(s)?
  • How was the instruments being used (How were the procedures being carried out)?
  • What was the outcome (finding)?
  • What was the conclusion derived from the research finding?
  • How would you apply such findings in your project / essay?



These are articles on survey on to what extend the Malaysian pupils mingles with friends and neighbors from other races. You may click on the title of the article to either read online or download the article.

What are the conclusion that you can draw from the findings?

  1. Najeemah Mohd Yusof. (2011). Language and ethnic boundary among students of various ethnicities in secondary schools in Malaysia. Sosiohumanika. 4(2). 2011.
  2. Suresh Kumar N Valleymalay. (2014). Bahasa interaksi dan hubungan antara etnik dalam kalangan murid di bilik darjah. Jurnal Kepemimpinan Pendidikan. Oktober 1(3).
  3. Najeemah Mohd Yusof. (2006). Pattern of social interaction between different ethnic groups in Malaysian secondary schools. Jurnal Pendidik dan Pendidikan, Jld. 21, p.149-164, 2006.
  4. Anna A. Che Azmi & Mohd Zulkifli Mustafa. (2014). The role of competitiveness, gender and ethnicity influencing academic performance. Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Management. 2(1). 37-47. EISSN No. 2289-4489.
  5. Evers, Hans-Dieter. (2012). Spatial ethnic diversity pattern in Malaysia: what can we learn from bio-diversity research?.
  6. Chua, Bee Seok; Jasmine Adela Mutang; Nur Faharna Adillah Aftar, Shazia Iqbal; Lailawati Madlan & Rosnah Ismail. (2013). Parens’ ethnic socialization practices in shaping ethnic identity and self-esteem of multi-ethnic children in Malaysia. European Journal of Educational and Development Psychology. 1(1). pp. 1-9, September 2013.



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