Managing the physical component of a culturally friendly environment

Culturally diverse classroom

The classroom is a purposefully designed settings and arrangement that aims at accommodating and facilitating the learning and socialization process of the learners.

The management of the physical component of the classroom involves its infrastructure and physical facilities so as to create a conducive learning climate for students from various cultural and social backgrounds.

The classroom settings are designed in such a way so that it may provide the following six functions:

    • Security & shelter – provide physical safety and psychological security and comfort
    • Task completion/ instrumentality – support the completion of learning tasks
    • Social contact – facilitate social interaction
    • Symbolic identification – personalizing the classroom to reflect the culture and preference
    • Pleasure – attractive and aesthetically pleasing
    • Growth / Intellectual development – equipped with learning resources to support and enrich intellectual development

(Culp, 2006; Six functions of classroom setting, 2009)

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