Ethnic Relationship

Towards Gagasan 1Malaysia!

Malaysia is a multicultural society due to the continuous immigration and migration from countries all over the world. Besides the Malays, Bumiputras, Chinese, and Indian citizens that formed the majority and minority ethnic groups, there are many more non citizens that dwell in this land, earn a living, using various resources as well as services available over here.

The 1969 ethnic riots and the recent politically provoked racial debates had triggered the racial tension, the civilians will always be at the losing end if ethnic riots prevail.

The current Prime Minister had initiated the idea of Gagasan 1 Malaysia that aims at creating a united nation consisting of culturally diverse ethnic groups that show mutual respect and able to live harmoniously. The Government emphasized on the need to look after the well being and right of the bumiputras in whatever policies being made for being fair and just.

“Kita berdiri, kita berfikir dan bertindak sebagai bangsa Malaysia. Dan kita mengambil tindakan-tindakan berdasarkan kehendak semua kumpulan etnik dalam negara kita;… Ini bukan bererti kita mengetepikan dasar afirmatif, dasar untuk menolong kaum Bumiputera asalkan dasar itu dilaksanakan dengan cara yang adil dan memberi pertimbangan kepada golongan Bumiputera yang layak mendapat sesuatu pertimbangan daripada kerajaan. Kita keluar daripada cara bertindak dalam tembok etnik yang kita amalkan sejak sekian lama”.

(YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak)

Hence, our education system should be heading toward a mission that may build a united countries where different ethnic groups show mutual respect, trust, engaged in friendship without discrimination and racial polarization. It needs to promote racial harmony from young and plays an important in preparing the future leaders that may sincerely work toward building a united country despite the cultural diversity (Lee Lam Thye, 2009).

To read more about Gagasan 1Malaysia, you may click the following hyperlink:

Malaysia. Jabatan Penerangan. (n.d.). 1 Malaysia – rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan.


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