Communication Skills

Effective communication consists of the following elements, or the 7Cs:

  1. Clear (dominant goal or message).
  2. Concise (stick to the point and be brief).
  3. Concrete (focus on a clear and vivid picture of the message).
  4. Correct (exact and error free).
  5. Coherent (logical and relevant to the topic).
  6. Complete (includes all the relevant information and call for action).
  7. Courteous (friendly, open and honest, without any hidden insult or passive-aggressive tones).


Image credit: Bond, 2015


Communication is a two-way, and sometime multiple-way information exchange. If one party speak without listening to the feedback from the other parties, we may missed out a lot of messages and fail to establish interpersonal relationship that may bridge further communication.


Tips for effective communication

Identify the preferred communication style that the listeners are comfortable with. Use this conversational style to engage the listener to start the conversation. Bond (2015) had outlined the following tips for effective communication:

  1. When dealing with someone who is focussed on the bottom line, give them a concise overview.
  2. When dealing with someone who is analytical, give them facts and figures.
  3. When dealing with a social animal, engage in some social chat before getting down to business.
  4. If you’re not sure of your audience’s style start with a broad strokes overview but have facts and figures at hand.

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