Action Plan for Culturally Friendly Learning Environment

The Student Integration Plan for Unity (Rimup) programme is a key initiative under the first thrust of the National Education Blueprint 2006-2010, which aims at nation building. This is an example of action plan targeting at uniting the culturally diverse community, in the primary and secondary schools, RIMUP:

You may click on the following links to read another examples of action plan that support culturally diverse learning environment:



Our school children is consist of multiracial and culturally diverse groups, including the major ethnic group such as the Malay, Chinese, Indians, aborigines, indigenous people, etc. If you are asked to plan a program that may help to minimize the polarization between different ethnic groups, what could be your plan? Give a brief description of you program such as:

  • The objective of the program
  • The target audience
  • The strategies
  • The budget
  • The committee members
  • The tentative schedules for the related activities
  • The physical environmental settings
  • The approach that you shall adopt (socio-emotional development and sociolinguistic)
  • The type of evaluation that determine the effectiveness of your program.

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