The Family Welfare Education Programme (Program kesejahteraan keluarga)

“Kesejahteraan keluarga merujuk kepada keadaan keluarga di suatu negara yang berada pada tahap yang selamat, sihat, damai, selesa, harmoni dan memuaskan” (LPPKN, 2010)

“The happiness of a family is something deeper than simply having fun together or feeling the immediate euphoria of a joyful event like opening presents on Christmas morning,.. A happy family is a family that has a deep sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.” (Scott Haltzman, in Kim, 2009)

A healthy marriage involves the lasting commitment from both spouses to make the marriage works, positive and respectful communication, trying to resolve conflicts through non-violent actions, spending sufficient quality time together and last but not least there is intimacy and emotional support for each other. This relationship shall extend to the children, and family member from both spouses. The family well being is a result of effective parenting, mutual acceptance, affection and loving relationship, being interdependent and supportive to each other, having quality time together peacefully and harmoniously. It is an undeniable fact that one of the contributing factor to the family happiness is related to the economic security and resilience to withstand adversity (Robinson & Parker, 2008).

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The family structure had changed in the modern society where by more and more commuter families and sandwich families are emerging in the new economy.

The commuter family refers to “family where parents live and work in different towns or states. Children might live at home with one parent, while the other comes home between work periods. Consider these tips to help you raise successful kids.” (ParentFurther, 2013).

The sandwich family refer to “a couple that is “sandwiched” between their children and their parents, trying to simultaneously raise young children, take care of aging parents and work full time. This is a difficult situation, especially when you add to it the possibility of chronic conditions, like autism, diabetes and Alzheimer’s in children and/or parents.” (How Stuff Works, n.d.). The condition worsen when both spouses are working, the family life became very stressful.

Definition | Family Well Being Education Programme : Objective | Implementation | Study of Happy Family Index 2011

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