T1 Concept of Philosophy

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Importance  of Philosophy

Let’s watch this video, do you agree with the idea being introduced? Why?

AcademyOfIdeas. (2015). Philosophy as a way of life.

Points to ponder upon

Why do you think the philosophy of education is important?

Well, the philosophy of education serves as the principles and guidelines that:

For the Ministry of Education:

  • It helps to clarify what the Government’s idea of success and the type of citizens required to achieve that level of success.
  • Clearly defined the curriculum, the learning experiences that shall gradually build up acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, etc. in accordance to the grade or levels of maturity.

For the administrators of educational institutions:

  • The schools and other educational institution understand the aims, content and the function of schooling.
  • It enable the administrators of education institutions to defined the purpose of education:
    • Educate with the aim to transfer the cultural heritage  or as a mean of social reconstruction?
    • Shall there be a need to promote democratic education instead of producing the conforming loyal citizen?

For the teachers:

  • It helps the teachers to examine his or her own role in the teaching and learning process.
  • Teacher may understand and clarify the educational process, that enable them to identify the conflicts between theory and practice, and develop the best practice.
  • The teachers able to understand the ability and emotional state of oneself and that of the students, thus shall strive strive to create a conducive or positive climate to facilitates the teaching and learning process.

For the students:

  • Clearly define students’ role in the learning process, either a passive receiver of knowledge or actively acquire the skills to be transferred to authentic tasks.

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