EDUP3013 Assignment Semester Jun-Nov 2015

The course work consist of three tasks:

Task 1: Academic writing (30%) – Individual Assignment

” Education  in  Malaysia  is  an  on-going  effort  towards  further  developing  the potential  of  individuals  in  a  holistic  and  integrated  manner,  so  as  to  produce  individuals  who are  intellectually,  spiritually,  emotionally  and  physically  balanced and  harmonious,  based  on  a  firm  belief  in  and  devotion  to  God. Such  an  effort  is  designed  to  produce  Malaysian  citizens  who  are  knowledgeable  and  competent,  who  possess  high  moral  standards,  and  who  are  responsible  and  capable  of  achieving  high  level  of  personal  well-being  as  well  as being  able  to  contribute  to  the  harmony and  betterment  of  the  family,  the  society  and  the  nation  at  large .”

The National Philosophy of Education, 1996

You are required to work on an academic writing about 1,500 to 2,000 word to demonstrate your understanding of the how National Philosophy of Education and Philosophy of Teacher Education and contributed to the production of human capital and nation building. Your focus shall be as the followings:

  1. Explain with appropriate examples based on the perspective of the Islamic, Western and Eastern philosophy of education that had been integrated in the National Philosophy of Education.
  2. The National Philosophy of Education is the foundation for the national education system that contributed to the production of human capital capable of contributing to the success of nation building.
  3. Based on the above statement, discuss how far had the National Philosophy of Education contributed to the success of producing human capital capable of making nation building a reality. To what extend had the Teacher Education Philosophy supported the National Philosophy of Education in the effort to realise the relevant constituent elements?

Task 1: Question | Instruction | Assessment Rubric | Task 2: Question | Assessment Rubrics  | Task 3: Instruction

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