T2 Branches of Philosophy

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Branches of Philosophy
How philosophy work for us

The main branches of  philosophy include logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, politics and social, etc.
Metaphysics: the nature of reality and the universe.
Epistemology: the study of knowledge and how it is acquired.
Logic: how to develop valid arguments; includes mathematical logic.
Ethics: the study of right and wrong and how people should live.
Politics: the study of government, citizen rights and political obligations.
Aesthetics: beauty, art and artistic perception.




Metaphysics may be referred to as “beyond physics”, study about existence, reality, the world as well as the universe, the world beyond which could not be seen.

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Find out more on these aspects:

  • What could be the main concern and idea of metaphysics?
  • Can you give examples of the question it may ask?
  • Can you name one or more philosophers who is /are engaged in this area?


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