Cheeseman Report

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In 1938, the British Colonial administrator had proposed Cheeseman Plan for the whole Malaya education system and Ten-Year Education Plan for Singapore. The report was prepared (1946) by  Mr. Harold Ambrose Robison Cheeseman, the deputy director of Education then. The goal of the plan was to restructure the curriculum for the vernacular schools.  (The British had propose Cheeseman’s Plan for Malaya and teh Ten-Year Education Plan for Singapore align with the proposal of Malayan Union.)
This plan had recommended:
  • the provision of free basic education in all media of instruction for all. Primary and secondary vernacular education are permitted to use English, Malay, Mandrin and Tamil as the respective medium of instruction.
  • English language was introduced as the compulsory subject for all vernacular schools.
  • Only two types of secondary school are established. (Middle-School and High School)
  • Vocational education introduced as enshrined in Laporan Pelajaran 1938
The plan was strongly opposed by UMNO because the later refuse to accept equal status for all four language streams of primary education and for the lack of national integration policy. They wanted the Malay language to be used as the main language in all schools. Hence, the plan was abandoned in 1949.
As a result, I.J. Barnes’s Committee was set up in 1950 to prepare a different educational restructuring plan.

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