Aminuddin Baki Report 1964

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Encik Aminuddin Baki (26 January 1926 – 24 December 1965)

Aminudin Baki had been very active in the Malay Students Movement (Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung or GPMS) during his undergraduate life. Being an educator, and actively involved in several committees set up to formulate the national education policies, namely Barnes Committee 1951, Razak Education Report Committee 1955, Rahman Talib Committee 1960, and Committee of Higher Learning (Aminudin Baki, 1987).

The Aminudin Baki Report 1964 was set up to solve the problem of Malay students drop out after primary education. Between January to February 1964, he had launched a series of “Torch Movement or Gerakan Obor”  lectures over the Radio Malaysia that would enlighten the Malays about the importance of education.

Some of the significant changes brought about by the proposal were:

  • upon completion of primary education, students shall be automatically promoted to Form One or Remove Class in the secondary schools for another three years of lower secondary education (leave schools at the age of 15 years old).
  • introducing multiple streams in the lower secondary education in 1965.
  • introduction of Lower Certificate of Education (LCE or Sijil Rendah Pelajaran / SRP), Senior Cambridge (MCE or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia / SPM) and later Higher School Certificate (HSC or Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran / STP).
  • After three years lower secondary education, for students who passed the LCE pr SRP will be promoted to the upper secondary for academic streams that take up Mathematics and Science, the weaker students shall enter the vocational streams (Industrial Arts, Home Science, Agriculture and Commerce) which is appropriate and in accordance with individual’s capabilities.
  • Education aims at preparing students for career, i.e. to be employable work force upon completion of secondary education.

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