Education Act 1961

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Education Act 1961 (had been amended to Education Act 1996) was based on proposal made in Rahman Talib’s Report in 1960.  Here’s a summary of the policy adopted:

  • emphasis greater access to education
  • compulsory primary education for all.
  • provide free education up to upper secondary level
  • provision of trained teachers, education aids to assist the poor (text books on loan, scholarship)
  • establishment of common curriculum
  • administer the same public examination system for all
  • implementation in stages of Bahasa Malaysia as the main medium of instruction
  • the use of Bahasa Malaysia and English a the medium of national examination system
  • emphasis on vocational education to meet the man power need
  • emphasis the need for moral and religious education
    • where there are 15 or more Muslim students, religious study will be provided through public fund
    • religious studies other than Islam may be conducted outside formal school hours but assistance of public fund is denied.

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