T4 Philosophy of Education in Malaysia

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The philosophy of education – an overview

   The philosophy of education is actually a set of beliefs relating to education such as the purpose of education, the role of teachers, the way students learns, etc. It determines the mindset or paradigm of educator that had significantly influenced the teachers’ approach to education and choice of pedagogic practices.

When we view children as passive receiver of knowledge, the teacher may emphasis teacher-centered approaches that emphasis the active role of teacher delivering knowledge, skills and impart moral values. On the other hand, when teachers see children as active and creative beings who are able to create own learning through cognitive and physical activities, student-centered learning experience will be the best choice.

In this topic, we shall learn about how had the National Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Teacher Education as well as the Philosophy of Preschool Education had shaped our education system. We shall examine how has the role of teachers supported our education system and helped to achieve our vision for bringing about harmony and progress to our country.

(source: LaGuardia Community College)

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