Implications of National Philosophy of Education (FPK) and Philosophy of Teacher Education (FPG) on the Malaysian Education System

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What could be the implication of FPK and FPG on the teachers?

Here’s some of the possible implication, you may think of more of it.

  • Teachers  need  to  understand  the  system  in  order  to  function  as  expected.
  • Accountable – The teachers need to be fully responsible, accountable for the professional practices.
  • Resilience – Always strive to obtained and practice what had  been learned to fulfill the aspiration and the objective of the nation.
  • Ready to accept  challenges  and  be  prepare  to  acknowledge,  adopt,  adapt  to  changes  &  innovation.
  • A  teacher  needs  to  be  a  life-long  learner.
  • Being the Mentor, the teacher needs to monitor the students’ activities and behavior. Try to encourage positive attitude while curbing the negative activities.
  • The teacher need need to lead by example by internalizing the moral values and the faith in God.


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