T5 Curriculum in education

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Roles of teacher in the curriculum implementation

  • Interpreter
    • The teacher as an intellectual, need to read, understand, interpret the plan (Curriculum is the larger blueprint, the broad guidelines & areas/topics of study, the broad objectives, longer time-span) and translate it into an action plan for day-to-day activity basis.
  • Planner
    • Create lesson plan
    • identify the learning objectives, learning outcome and tools for assessment
    • determine the strategies, methodology and techniques
    • Select the relevant resources and learning activities.
  • Implementer
    • The teachers as a technician are expected to implement the curriculum in the classroom settings.
    • get learners’ attention
    • state objectives
    • require the learner’s participation
    • provide feedback on learner’s performance
    • conclude and summarize the learning
    • provide follow up activities that enable the transfer of learning


  • Which of the three roles is the most important role for the teacher while implementing the curriculum? Why would you say so?

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