T6 Curriculum and implementation of curriculum

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Initiatives of policy makers (infrastructure, teacher-student ratio)

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is the key policy makers that spell out clearly the National Philosophy of Education, being empowered to define and construct the national curriculum, establish educational institutions, allocate funding for building infrastructure as well as the training of academic staffs,  register the teaching staff, appoint the school administrators, elect the School Inspectorates to supervise and monitor the implementation of national curriculum, set criteria and assessment to measure the achievement of the students, schools, etc.

From time to time, MOE shall sent circulars to schools to reaffirm the reinforcement of certain policies and transformation programmes.

For example:

Circular relating to the implementation of national curriculum:

Cicular relating to professional etiquette and practice:

Circular relating to appointment and career path:

Click HERE to read more circular issued by MOE

At the school level, the school community has a shared vision and plan for promoting, enhancing and sustaining a positive school climate. The school administrators shall set the policies specifically promoting (a) the development and sustainability of social, emotional, ethical, civic and intellectual skills, knowledge, dispositions and engagement. (Center for Social and Emotional Education, NYC, 2009). Parents and community involvement and support is necessary for successful implementation of policies and designated educational programmes.

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