T6 Curriculum and implementation of curriculum

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Teacher professional practice

A teacher’s professionalism is manifested in his professional practice, that is shown through the following aspects:

  • Self-respect
    • Be passionate, positive, and enthusiastic about the work.
    • Behave professionally in public.
    • Be confident without being arrogant.
  • Respects for the organisation
    • Follow protocol and procedures expected at the school.
    • Be on time.
  • Respects for the profession
    • Be flexible and progressive.
      Keep abreast with the education policies and legislation. Embrace change and innovation. Constantly seek knowledge, skills and share with colleagues, students and community.
    • Let excel be the aim
    • Never missed a deadline.
  • Respects for the colleagues
    • Support your colleague and management.
  • Respectful of the learners
    • Take an interest in every child.
    • Respect child right.
    • Treat students with respect but firm with the classroom rules and regulation.
    • Accept and respect individual differences
    • Maintain the confidentiality of children’s personal information.
  • Classroom practice
    • Take charge of the classroom.
      The teacher has the autonomy to make decision on how to set the appropriate layout of the classroom, seating arrangement, organize class-room learning activities, etc.
    • Be a mentor and not a friend.
    • Put safety first.
    • Take pride in the process and product – Diligently plan and prepare the teaching material, teaching aids, approach and pedagogy so as to produce quality resources that support the attainment of the learning outcomes.
    • Get the attention from the students.
    • Arouse and maintain their interest.
    • Encourage students’ participation.
    • Simplify your lesson.
    • Scaffold the learning process to help learners develop knowledge, skills, values at their own pace and finally become independent learners.
    • Keep up-to-date with marking and grading the student’s work.

(Adapted from “How to be a professional teacher” in WikiHow, 2015; Brenda Townsend Hall, 2015, Pollard, 2010)

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