T6 Curriculum and implementation of curriculum

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Professional Self Enhancement 

Globalization had bring forward great impact on the world’s political, social and economical development. The world became boundless where there are free flow of ideas, products, services and so on from other countries as well as out flow beyond the local market. The job market became competitive and the advancement of technologies and created demand for the acquisition of innovative ideas, new skills and open mindedness that willingly embrace all the changes and uncertainty. Undeniably, the education institutions also had an important function in producing the marketable labour force for supporting the nation’s economical development and the progress of the community. Hence, the education institutions need to change its curriculum, and the teachers need to pursuit continuous professional self enhancement. It is important for a teacher to keep abreast with the latest changes and innovation in the every day life, especially in terms of professional practices.

The area for teacher’s self enhancement may focus on:

  • Subject matters
    – the content and technical know how about a particular discipline such as language, art, science, music, ICT skills, etc.
  • Theories about teaching and learning
    – for example: the learning theories and the innovative approach or methodology for teaching,
  • Research and development
    – in search of the effective resources or methodology that works and may resolve certain educational issues.
  • Language development
    – increase language proficiency or learning new languages to enhance the ability to deliver and learning new things
  • Team Building
    – establish rapport and support group with colleagues, parents and community or social workers.

The teacher’s self enhancement not only improve the teaching ability, it also increases the teacher’s self confidence.

Lifelong Learning

Learning may not be confined to the professional development only, informal and non-formal learning may also enrich one’s life with numerous community-related skills, such as cooking, gardening, sports and games, etc.

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