T6 Curriculum and implementation of curriculum

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International Performance Standard

The professional standards embedded in the Guidelines on Performance Management Systems and the Primary and Secondary Teachers Collective Employment Contracts generally provide the reference for performance-management processes and the basis for annual attestation for movement up the salary scale. Fully-registered classroom teachers who have been teaching for between three and five years are required to ( Adapted from Santiago et al.,2011 & Nusche et al. 2012 as cited in OECD, 2013:27):

• be competent in relevant curricula;

• demonstrate a sound knowledge of current learning and assessment theory;

• demonstrate a sound knowledge of current issues and initiatives in education, including M ori education;

• demonstrate a commitment to their own ongoing learning;

• participate individually and collaboratively in professional-development activities;

• plan and use appropriate teaching programmes, strategies, learning activities and assessments, and demonstrate flexibility in a range of effective teaching techniques;

• make use of appropriate technologies and resources;

• evaluate and reflect on teaching techniques and strategies with a view to improvement;

• manage student behaviour effectively and establish constructive relationships with students;

• develop and maintain a positive and safe physical and emotional environment ;

• create an environment that encourages respect and understanding;

• establish expectations that value and promote learning;

• continue to develop understandings and skills in the appropriate usage and accurate pronunciation of the language or medium of instruction;

• demonstrate an understanding of basic social or official protocols when opportunities arise;

• communicate clearly and effectively in the official languages as well as the medium of instruction;

• provide appropriate feedback to students;

• communicate effectively with families, caregivers and social workers;

• maintain effective working relationships with colleagues; and

• support and provide assistance to colleagues in improving teaching and learning.

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