T6 Curriculum and implementation of curriculum

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Implication towards curriculum

Let’s read this document and try to figure out what could be the implication on our curriculum:

Malaysia. Ministry of Education. (2012). Chapter 3 Improving quality in education. Malaysia Education Blue Print 2013-2025.

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  • What changes should be done to improve on our curriculum?
    • Why do we need transformation in our national education system?
    • What changes had been made in our national curriculum?
    • What programmes had been added to our curriculum? What are the respected functions and how are they being implemented?
    • Are there any indicator or evaluation criteria to monitor and assess their effectiveness?
  • What is the implication for the teachers to lead the change in the curriculum?
    • What should be the teacher’s attitude towards these changes in the curriculum and education system at large?
    • How do the teachers equip themselves so as to be able to embrace the changes and be the change agents?
    • How does a teacher obtain the help and support that he need to diffuse the change in the school as well as to spread it to the community?
  • What could be the role of the parents, society, etc. to contribute to support the change and working collaboratively to attain the success?

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