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Being a Chinese trained person, I have the opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture and appreciate the prominent wise teachers’ teaching. What I would like to share with you is the very limited knowledge of the Chinese philosophy that govern our paradigm and way of life.

Here’s a collection of inspiring examples of great teachers and quality teaching for sharing. It is entirely your choice whether to accept them or otherwise.


Confucius was an ancient Chinese elite whom set up an ethic code system that was able to uphold good virtue and social harmony. He had established the education institute that accept and trained learners from all walks of life without any discrimination.

The ruling class had abused his teaching to control the civilians by strengthening the hierarchical social structure. Generation after generation, the rulers emphasis absolute submission among the civilians such as loyalty to the rulers, children shall follow parents’ order without any questioning and the females being obedient to the males, etc.

Despite all odds, there are many valuable teaching of his that is still highly appreciated and practice.

Below is the brief description of confucianism:


For those who can read the Chinese language, you may read about his works by referring to this website:

The Chinese Classical Literature Org( / 古诗文网)

Lee YuXiu, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty (清朝秀才李毓秀) had elaborated on the 6th chapter in The Analects of Confucius(《论语》“学而篇”第六条的文义)about the basic requisites for being a good person and students as well as guidelines for living in harmony with others.

The guidelines for being a good person and good student [弟子规(英文版)]:

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