LMS – Guides

The Learning Management System (LMS) is an alternative to face-to-face formal interaction where the learners may access to the learning resources at their own pace at any time any place.

For the teacher, LMS is able to track the student’s record and performance and allow him to keep track and monitor the students’ progress.

Here, I have arranged some resources so that you may have an idea on how to go about Frog VLE, LMS (Moodle), etc.

English version:

  • Frog VLE – How-to for creating sites in Frog VLE
  • WP Bloggers’s Guide – Sharing on ideas and technique to create WordPress blog on self-hosting domain.

Malay version:

  • Moodel v2.1+ – A guide on how to create learning sites using Moodle v2.1+ at the Portal Pembelajaran IPGM Kampus (OLL PPG)

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