The Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) had collaborated with YTL Co. Ltd. had initiated the 1BestariNet Project which intended to revamp the learning culture by providing 4G internet access to 10,000 school throughout Malaysia so that they may build and access the Virtual Learning Envrionment (VLE) at any time and any where. The VLE is taken the Frog VLE model in United Kingdom but remark in the Malaysian context. Parents are also involved in this project so that they too may be informed of their children’s progress and monitor their children’s learning, too.

VLE is intranet-based, meaning that only those registered within the same VLE can view whatever resources available.The teachers are encouraged to build their sites in the VLE, using widgets such as text, media, Embed Websites, external links, Site share, etc. to create learning resources. Forum and Wall are used to engage students in online chat and discussion to be involved and exchange ideas. The teacher may also use Quiz and File Drop to assign learning tasks to the students.

Even thought no outsider may PEEP into the VLE of other schools, the site owner may export their sites to the MOE repository, shared via the Frog Store, allowing users from the other VLE to import them to their own library, use and/or modify themselves, as a form of sharing of information.

Besides the VLE, the teacher may access to Frog Community, the official support while the students may go to the Pond for telecollaboration.

You may access to the official websites for further information:

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