Reflection… what is really needed to fill up the page?

Time and times, students are required to write reflection on their work and assignment, and wonder what should the put on the papers to satisfy the lecturer?

The answer is: we do the reflection for OURSELVES and for no one else!

It is about what did we learned from our experience of doing such project or assignment:

  • Are you happy with what you get?
  • Was is successful? What are the criteria that support your self evaluation?
  • What have you learned from this experience?
  • If you are given a second chance, how would you approach the same task?

What we are looking for is a meaningful reflection that involves Metacognition, which is an awareness of our own thought processes as we complete them, and more importantly are able to appreciate how our path has shaped our existence. Reviewing a previous reflection can be most instructive when students are working on the next task, so their reflection should be stored wherever that work is happening. (Pahomov, 2014).

Di Stefano, Gino, Pisano & Staats worked on their research (2014) and found that reflection and sharing of experience did improved the performance of the subsequent tasks even though there is no incentive paid for greater performance.This is because people have been trained to learned to be smarter instead of learn harder.

Do you think your reflection over the previous tasks had helped you to improve your skills and management of the later assignment?


Di Stefano,Giada;  Gino, Francesca;  Pisano, Gary & Staats, Bradley. (2014). Learning by thinking: how reflection aids performance. Retrieved Feb 20, 2015 from

Pahomov, Larissa. (2014). What meaningful reflection on student work can do for learning. Retrieved Feb 20, 2015 from

Topic 4: Inequality of educational opportunities – Group Discussion

GroupDiscussionFeb2015 – Children with special needs.

Organize yourselves into group of 4-6 and select ONE of the discussion topic given. You may refer to the reference list for further information.

Click on the hyperlinks to record your brief note produced based on the discussion topics:

Group 1:

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Group 3:

Group 4:

Group 5:

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