École 42 (42 School)

A FREE French private computer programming school with NO CURRICULUM, NO TEACHERS, NOR LEARNING SCHEDULE, NOR BOOKS, NOR GRADE…. except infrastructures that support collaborative on-the-job training for future computer programmers. They work in team,  gather information and resources from the internet in order to produce authentic and workable products!

It had very stringent entrance selection targeted at the 18-30 years old individual who need not possess a degree…

What is the motives that drive the establishment of this kind of academy? How do we as a teacher learn from this lesson?

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Happy New Year!!

According to the Chinese Zodiac, this 2015 Chinese Lunar Calendar is the Goat Year. The goat zodiac symbolizes peace and prosperity. May the whole world enjoy the economic spur, political stability, social harmony and every one be in good mental, physical and spiritual well being!.

May all be well and happy!