Storytelling using MS PowerPoint

PowerPoint is indeed a very powerful multimedia tool. It is an ideal tool for storytelling. We may employ a wide range of animation effects, trim and bookmark certain segment of the audio and video insertion, using appropriate design to show special effect to create suspend and climax.

We may export the presentation in the form of video (MP4) which may be uploaded to video log such as YouTube. This an example of storytelling which uses a few combination of animation effects for each slide.

MS PowerPoint 2016

MS PowerPoint merupakan persembahan elektronik yang boleh digunakan secara online  ataupun offline. Salah satu kekuatan PowerPoint adalah kesan animasinya yang pelbagai dan menarik. Kita menggunakan kesan animasi bagi menghidupkan persembahan slaid dengan memasukkan kesan animasi.

Tutorial ini bertujuan memperkenalkan kesan animasi “Flip”. Ia terdiri daripada dua objek yang mempunyai kesan yang berlainan, iaitu, satu adalah Exit effect – Collapse dan satu lagi adalah Entrance effect – Stretch.

Yang berikut merupakan persembahan PowerPoint yang merupakan panduan melakukan kesan animasi ini:

Scratch Programming – Template for interactive Quizzes

This is the template for interactive quizzes in the setting of Maze Game.


You may remix it by performing the following task:

  1. Rename the backdrop to reveal the topic of your quiz.
  2. Modify the questions, answers, score point and feedback for the sprites Heart1, Heart2, Heart3 and Heart4.

You may modify the scripts, background, sprites, as you wish. Best of luck!


Unplugged Decoding Activity for Computational Thinking Skills

Based on the riddles for kids that I have gathered and translated into binary codes, I have turned it into an unplugged decoding activity that required the participants to translate the binary codes into the form of riddle and solve it. The TESL students enjoyed it most!


You may download the attachment for reference.