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Basic concepts of flipped classroom (or flipped learning)

The flipped classroom is the reverse of the traditional classroom where the students do the preparation at home. When they are in schools, they are involve in learning activities and doing their project at the schools instead of letting the teacher does the lecturing in the classroom.

Well, don’t get me wrong! The teachers have to prepare learning resource for students to learn back home and facilitate the learning activities and conducting assessment when the students is present in the school. It does not mean that the teacher has a more relaxing working hours having done nothing!

Here is a series of videos and resources that may help you to grasp the idea of what flipped classroom may be and how it operates:

MediaCore. (2012). Flipping the classroom: explained.

PBS NewsHour. (2013). What a flipped classroom looks like.

MathJohnson. (2012). What flipped classroom is not…

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