Digital Landscape: The Malaysian Scenario

This is the hyperlink to down load a copy of the report prepare by UNICEF (The United Nation Childrens’ Fund, Malaysia):

Test your understanding after browsing through this report:

  • What do you understand about the term “fostering Digital citizenship”?
  • Name three ICT initiatives of the Malaysian Government which is mentioned in the report. Which one give the greatest impact on you? Why?
  • How would the Evidence (Admentment) (No. 2) Act 2012 affect you?
  • What does the term “Digital divide” mean to you? Is this problem serious in the Malaysian context? What could be the evidence that support your statement?
  • What are the Government’s initiative to reduce the digital divide?
  • What are the digital safety measures introduced by the Government and NGO’s to bring digital citizenship and digital safety awareness among the children and youth? Which of it may be practical application for you as an agent of change in the school?

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