École 42 (42 School)

 Xavier Niel, a French millionaire, the founder of French ISP Free and Mobile Operator Iliad, had founded this FREE of charge computer programming School. He wanted to build an learning institute that can produce innovative thinkers that may fulfil the market demands instead of book worms that has no problem solving skills. He had contributed the fund to support the first ten years of the school operating cost and will leave it to the alumni to contribute their share to become a self-sustaining academy as their gratitude and pay back to support the future student intakes.

The school offers infrastructures  which opens 24/7 that support the learning of programming languages through peer-to-peer learning mode resembling the “Silicon-Valley culture” where students obtain resources from the Internet with NO teacher guidance nor adhere to any learning schedule. They are required to learn the programming languages in 3-5 years period working in team to accomplish authentic tasks that produces workable products. They will get a “Pass” or “Fail” without any grade nor be rewarded a state-sanctioned degree. Yet, many remarkably workable projects had been done.

If you read the articles provided in the further reading section, you’ll find pros and cons about the establishment of this innovative andragogical approach in training the professionals. What do you have to say about this idea and mode of training? Will it work for you or your students? Why would you think so?


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